Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Chikuzen

One of the best dive sites in the BVI is the Chikuzen, a 300 foot Korean refrigerator ship that sunk while being towed out to deep water in the 1980's. Unfortunately we don't have the opportunity to dive it much more than a few times a year, mostly due to (1) the fact that it is basically half way to Anegada and the weather conditions have to be just right to make the long boat trip out there and (2) the right group of diver's who have the right skill and interest to do the dives.

Luckily enough however, we get to make this dive tomorrow and I'm super pumped about it. We're taking 5 really good divers with us in the morning, 3 of which are from my hometown in Baton Rouge (small world, eh?) and they have a sweet hi def video camera for us to record the action!

The dive is truly amazing! The only reason this wreck isn't ranked higher than even the Rhone is just because it's a logistically tough one to get to and find out in the open sea! It's very rare NOT to see Reef Sharks, Cobia, large green sea turtles, eagle rays, etc on this site so obviously we're very excited about the chance to take some divers out to experience it with us.

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  1. That wreck looks like a blast to dive. Interesting that it is less than 30 years old, I'd think most of the wrcks would be a lot older.